Our camps and workshops includes various subjects one can choose from. Like permaculture, yoga, meditation, natural building, sustainable lifestyle and farming. These camps and workshops provides great opportunities to connect with Mother Nature and like minded people.

There are some workshops and camps for students in which they not only learn about above mentioned subjects but also receives the support they need to thrive academically and personally.

When you attend our camps & workshops, you will get to know so many things about sustainable, nature friendly lifestyle. Our camps and workshops initiates small changes which can bring big revolutionary changes within us and our society at large.

We also invite volunteers from all around the world to experience the raw natural beauty. Volunteers can participate in natural building projects, natural swimming pond project, agricultural activities, gardening, wall paintings & murals, pet care etc. Those who wants to join natural building & natural swimming pond projects are expected to have knowledge on the subjects.

Humsubvan permaculture farm is committed to implement sustainable creative ideas on the ground which are in your imaginations.

We believe in self-independence and that’s why we share our experiences and do our cleaning, cooking, dancing and other chores together.

Join our creative, artistic & nature friendly workshops & camps, so that we can make our Mother Earth more beautiful and healthy.