The yagyashala in Humsub van farm is a peaceful and dedicated space where havans and agnihotras (fire rituals)  are performed. 

Yagya or havan & agnihotra holds significant importance in Hinduism and has been practiced for anadi kaal (countless eons)  to promote ecological balance, respect for nature, environmental sustainability and  various benefits and impacts on individuals. 

Agnihotra is  performed at SUNRISEs & SUNSETs to promote physical, mental, emotional well-being and can bring positive changes in one’s life, provide  spiritual upliftment and attract blessings from the divine. The sacred fire and the offerings made into it are believed to have healing properties. The smoke produced during the yagya is considered beneficial and can help purify the air and eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses. It is also believed to have a calming and purifying effect on the mind and emotions.

Participants can establish connection to the cosmic forces & deepen their sense of unity with divine while engaging in prayers, chanting mantras, and making offerings into the sacred fire.